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DJ Speedsick - Death Trip '17 CS SOLD OUT


60 minutes. 7 tracks. The final installment of his recent cassette trilogy on BPP. It is a monumental piece of work. Paranoid musique concrete meets backwoods techno. DJ Speedsick completely reveals himself to us through a kind of aural ritual self annihilation. Burning trash in the woods while a broken circuit city boombox blasts a skipping mix cdr. End it all. Contains all new material plus variations of previously heard tracks.


1. Black Crosses/White Cadillacs
2. Pariah Romanticism (Sick Of Depression)
3. Burning Trash In The Hood
4. Coughing Up Blood and Ecstasy
5. Snake Eyes & Geminis (Sick Of Bodily Fluids)
6. Rain In Madison (Jandek)
7. No Euphoria


please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Sold Out